Weeknotes 058: What kind of tree am I? I’m a poetree

  • Inside every toddler are two toys. A crocodile that likes fireworks and a tiger which is scared of them.
  • We’re giving Piglet space with the lack of sharing. It’s tempting to nag her into submission, but some things we’re just going to have to let her work out herself.
  • The antibitoics have fixed The Chef. Just in time for me to worsen. As it’s been a month, I’ll overcome my usual trepidation and give the doctor a ring
  • Grandma has a dinosaur that records your voice and growls it back to you. Hours of fun.
  • The Chef now has a headset at work. She’s joined me in the life that is middle management.
  • Left alone with a pizza on the dining table, Piglet gave up on her toys and did some climbing.
  • Bedtime routine now includes a debrief of the day / brain. It’s mostly nonsense, but heart embiggening nonsense. On lucky nights it includes impressions.
  • First game of football in nearly 2 years. Only 4-a-side. My heart might be even bigger than when Piglet is cute. Certainly feels that way at least. Not helped by the double-flat tire I got riding over exposed ironwork hiding in the dark. And the puncture repair kit was in my cycling bag, ratter than my football bag. A truly excellent bus driver took pity on me and let me on for a few stops to lessen my walk home.
  • To cut down on TV, we now create our own episodes of Duggee with the figures from Lǎolao and Lǎoyé. Bonus points for when we do it while she’s wearing her Duggee sweatshirt.
  • Tom Stuart has me obsessed with watching people solve Sudoku.
  • The Blair & Brown documentary is compelling. The ideas that power them and the depth of their thought contrast unfavourably with the current shower.
  • I’ve fequently strayed away from new music on the recommendations. And the Pet Shop Boys have a deep back-catalogue.
  • In a cough related fever, The Chef dreamt of the perfect melted cheese sandwich called The Wottinger. Now to see if we can find it’s approximation in real life.
  • Piglet is consistently going to bed after 9 pm so we’re introducing a one hour max cap on daytime naps. We might even be entering the land where she drops them. Dun-dun duunnn.
  • Created my first API. Against a deadline. And it worked on only the second attempt. I’m not going to be the reason the project is late.
  • It’s autumn, daddy. IT’S AUTUMN.
14 November 2021


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