Weeknotes 055: Uh-oh. It’s a book now.

While the toddlers aren’t getting on per se there is at least an entente cordiale. With the mams in Durham, we headed out for an early tumbles. The kids didn’t really interact, but both were happier for the space. All was harmony on the drive home and I could point out Newcastle’s training ground to the biggest football nerd I know. While he was getting excited, another chorus broke out:

My daddy!
No my daddy!
No my daddy!

With a (not entirely) empty threat of throwing them out of the car if they didn’t shut up, we made it back for beef noodle soup. Piglet lived up to her name a troughed while her buddy whined and went for a nap. Settling Piglet for her nap, I was told

I can cuddle Ermintrude. Ermintrude is a cow. But she doesn’t say Moo”, she says Hello Daddy!”

To which I could only agree and continue patting.

The return of mams coincided with well-rested friends and the frazzled state of the elders was dismissed as dramatics. And buddies they remained till everyone departed.

There were multiple positive cases from friends we were out with last weekend. A temperature for Piglet meant another visit to the Little Hospital and the associated working from home and evenings. The Chef was so pleased with my tarting, she took a picture to share over WhatsApp. While it wasn’t my shift, I dusted off our To Do list to keep life moving forward and our brains sane.

We got the negative PCR results back on the same day that the excitement of the weekend had burnt out and Piglet was back to sleeping through. Too late for nursery but, grandparents prefer life that way.

I’ve noticed we reach too readily for the easy crutch of jealousy to motivate Piglet. Based on the week we’ve just lived, we’ll have to nip that in the bud.

In a quieter weekend without guests, I started the Blair & Brown series and listened to some Surprise Chef. Piglet was sad to see the end of green satsuma season. Her sorrow ameliorated by the doubling of Duplo train tracks we own.

In our routine trip to the bakery, Piglet demonstrated her lack of sufferance for queue ditherers. We came close to a murder spree of the indecisive preventing her getting cake.

Eventual cake in hand and belly, these are being written at my parent’s house. We’re staying over because Grandma is 60 tomorrow! The eve of which was marked with the traditional Davidson Chinese Takeaway™.

24 October 2021


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