100 words 025

I had a pre-queued 100 words for yesterday, reflecting on 10 weeks of de facto lockdown (site closed before the country and we started ours then). But the long weekend was so sunny and lovely I wanted to write about that instead.

Then we had a bottle of wine and a few beers in the sunshine with another BBQ and posting anything went to the wind. I chose happy exhaustion instead.

It was almost the same today — we’ve just finished planting 300 bulbs — but the purpose of this is to build writing muscles. So a phone update from bed.

26 May 2020

100 Words

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100 words 024 40mph winds have the birch sashaying like a raucous auntie after the second bottle. With double-lockdown, what better way to fritter today than
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100 words 026 15 minutes is all these notes need. Yet I keep failing. But 15 minutes is also all it takes to do a bit of Mandarin each day. I fail at that too.