Weeknotes 171: The wary vet was very wet

Things said, things read, things heard.

  • Oh, I’m a pathetic twerp.
  • She’s so kind she makes people glow.
  • Do you know, if you went to the Sahara Desert, you’d be absolutely… toasty!
  • Drugs tonight. He’s been pulling that ear all day.
  • The neighbours have just messaged to say the boys are watching me dance.
  • I love school. It’s, it’s, it’s… my favourite.
  • Daddy, this is the night you have a good dream!
  • I was just unscrewing the dustcap when valve shot across the hallway.
  • Can I have a shower instead?
  • He’s a bit of a shameless flirt, so just let me know if I need to take him off you.
  • It was definitely more push than pat.
  • Oaoooeoahhaooeooohh!
  • Total window madness
  • Ah, I have time to microwave my coffee now.
  • For a pure mixture, pH is just the square root of the pKa.
  • Do you ever wonder if people, given his size, look at him and think you’ve got a really stupid toddler?
  • Can you sleep in my room, Daddy?
  • I’m like a catter-pillow, crawling along comfortably.
  • (In sign) More, more!
  • This kitty has a black sock.
  • I’ll hide in the bushes and you be the scary creditor looking to eat me.
  • Why is that lady covered in mud?
  • I think we’re saying, let’s do it.
5 February 2024


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