Weeknotes 099: Can we play with adult toys in my bedroom?

  • Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! May yours be filled with noodles, duck pancakes, moon cakes and wine.
  • One of my favourite things about September is the spider migrations. When I sweep, pieces of the pile grumpily stand and walk off and I feel like I’m in a Ghibli movie.
  • Another is the ridiculously sweet blueberries and blackberries we’re picking in the garden.
  • Piglet’s First Day At Big School1 was great. Her second day too. The combination of our proclivities and COVID mean she’s been brought up naturally conservative (small c2) in her outlook and it’s good to see how well she’s transitioned.
  • Beside the school changes, we can see the outward signs of cortex development. There’s a noticeable change in the quality of her laugh and the triggers for it. Fart jokes and instigating surprises have replaced tickling and being subject to surprises.
  • She’s dedicated to hide-and-seek. Even in tear-streaming distress, when she heard approaching footsteps she bolted to her hidey-hole. The sobbing made her more obvious, but points for commitment to the bit.
  • My sister visited and was treated to a sterling example of Dad Voice from Piglet during tidy up.
  • My parents are away caravaning and I took a day holiday to do childcare. We made flapjacks at a cookery class and watched Paw Patrol in Welsh (only the S4C version on iPlayer) and Encanto for the 15th time in 15 days. We’re at the spotting background details stage: Dolores puts her fingers in her ears during the fireworks display; Julieta refuses to cure Mirabelle’s short-sightedness because she thinks she looks cute in glasses; oruguita means caterpillar.
  • Series 4 of Hey Duggee is out. With all the things this country has done of late, we don’t deserve CBeebies. We’ll take it while we have it though.
  • Staying with the BBC, the upshot of proms season is that Radio 3 plays the hits. If you don’t speak Polish, promise yourself not to look up the lyrics unless you’re in a good place. I had to sit down for a while after reading them.
  • Chatting with a fellow middle-ager at work about jogging (it was that or mortgages) and he told me that he has a simple aim; to run a 5k in under 25 minutes. What an excellent goal. Stretching but in the realm of possible. I immediately appropriated it. My strategy for getting there is to do one short run a week with the aim of sub 5 min/km. Currently that’s at 3 km, but I’ll extend it if/when I can go fast enough. I’ll do a second weekly run which is getting progressively longer. Add 0.5 km a week until I hit the limit of my boredom. Hopefully around 10 km. Optional third run when football is cancelled with zombie chases turned on to keep the twitch muscles. I don’t know if I’ll ever run fast enough to reach the goal, but I should shift a few kg trying.
  • Given the frequency that I’ve seen my own point of view on Left Twitter—Queen was good, the concept of monarchy less so—I can tell I’ve not thought much about it. I don’t foresee that changing.
  • I’ve taken time away from Spiritfarer to write these. If you’ll excuse me I’m off to harvest crops and feel emotional about psychopomping my animal friends.

  1. Sort of. It’s still nursery, just in her soon to be Big School.↩︎

  2. Editors Note: I was going to have a rant about the incoming and outgoing lot, but I’ve not the energy to waste on them.↩︎

11 September 2022


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