Weeknotes 079: Things overheard. Things said.

  • Excuse me, baldy, working man.
  • Girl, can I go on the swing now please?
  • Dishwasher needs to go on tonight.
  • We had a mass debate in the office (say it quickly)
  • Take your shoes off. And take your snake upstairs.
  • If it’s a girl, I’ll call it Linda.
  • That’s not how you tune your trumpet, that’s emptying your trumpet. To tune it you have to change the length of the pipes.
  • Eggbert didn’t know what they were laughing at.
  • I can’t find my nipples. Maybe they’re in the bath.
  • Just change the gravity to the opposite direction before you run it.
  • First name Dino. Last name Saur.
  • Be careful not to get pork mince on your trampoline.
  • Do you want to go outside to see Benji?
  • This satsuma was too big, so he’s started a fresh one.
  • Lulu thought Laurence was okay.
24 April 2022


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