Weeknotes 070: This little pelican is going to bed

Let’s start this off by saying that Greggs×Primark range is… something.

In a nod to Valentine’s day, The Chef bought us a chocolate cake from the bakers. Piglet helped. After nailing her slice, she looked to The Chef’s full plate and asked why hers was empty. When the reply was, yours in in your belly” she explained, No. Don’t be silly. Put that on my plate.”

It was an uptick in mood from the return journey. Unable to choose between the park and going home to eat cake, she fritzed and had a 20 minute roadside meltdown.

Which is about par recently. The upshot of her brain development is a fragility of mood and a hair-trigger temper. We don’t let her cross the road without holding our hand which has led to more than one kerbside sulk. On the happier end, she imagines lifting things off the page to play with while reading.

She’s struggling through another minor bout of constipation. She’ll turn and—independent of all else—announce, I don’t need to poo.” Always a convincing thing to hear.

I need to get her on the coffee to encourage things. It’s my favourite psychotropic drug. Despite a run of 5-hour nights, I’m banging out the work. We’re at user acceptance testing for the Big Project™. I’m recording instructional videos every morning and fighting with ticket all afternoon. Not pretty, but effective.

In pretty and effective news, The Chef is through to interview for a promotion! It’s booked in for next week. A nervous bout of prep ahead.

This by Giles Turnbull on RSS captures how I feel. And everyone else too, judging by the responses: Jamie, Ben, Jeremy. We’re all middle-aged white dudes though. I don’t know if that’s the niche for RSS or how I’ve structured my feeds.

I’m starting to view our DIY situation as both a symptom and a cause of overnight anxiety. At least I found out about unblocking the fridge from someone else’s weeknotes so the week wasn’t a complete bust.

With nothing more than that on the DIY front, we’ve submitted a preschool application. With the school pyramid around here it’s not unreasonable to think Piglet could meet her friend-until-University in September.

The music recommendation this wek comes from The Chef. Have a bit of The Unthanks in your feelings.

I’ve accidentally booked a stag trip on the same weekend we’re hosting a Lunar New Year party. The Chef is accepting of all offers of help.

20 February 2022


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