Weeknotes 066: Don’t wee-wee on other people

Piglet has joined Covid club. She’s fine so far; not as much as a dip in her mood. We’ve reversed our sleeping arrangements and I’m isolating away from the girls now. It means we’ve unfolded the sofabed in her room for the first time so The Chef can co-sleep / co-nap.

We’re still alternating carer days and I’m double-masking while I do my shift. The chicken is our worry stone. The thing we can control to make the rest of this situation feel normal. We’re fortunate for the unseasonable warmth and having the windows open 24/7 isn’t too bitter. The distanced meals are tiresome.

Piglet’s new game is to put the Teletubbies1 in quarantine. Three of them can play while one sits in a Lego building by itself. When she joins in singing her bedtime songs, her voice cracks. It’s all simultaneously stressful and adorable.

Before she turned positive, Piglet was proving a dab hand in the kitchen. She’d made a batch of (moderatley edible) cookies at the weekend and got stuck into stir fry prep in the evening.

Our trip out to tumbles was marred by two full face-plant wipeouts and poor mask compliance. Why during the peak are masks literally and figuratively slipping?

In life outside of Covid care:

  • Can you tell I’m in a New Year reading glut at work?
  • Powerpoint, Services and Agile books
  • My inertia in copying my boss into things is perceived as competence. I best get competent before the illusion fades…
  • I’m spending my evening with Wolf Hall and Our Friends in the North. Prestige.
  • Wikitrivia is even better than Wordle.
  • Every single Then and Now” picture from Google Photos makes us say, Ah, now she’s impossibly big. How did we think she was big then?”
  • The entire series of famous views of Edo is a marvel, but this might be my favourite
  • I could make a pixilation milk crate with our old decking. But skip the pixilation bit.
  • Craig Charles continues to drop ear worms.
  • I still haven’t opened the habit tracker.

  1. A set of red, green, blue and yellow stacking blocks.↩︎

23 January 2022


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