Weeknotes 064: Spider-silk. Spider-web. Spider-man.

I’d forgotten the tiredness that comes after a big night out. You don’t sleep as much as pass out in a bed. It’s not unwelcome because it signifies the night with friends that preceded it. Those that cleared their lateral flow tests at least. And a more happy and bumbling lot are harder to imagine. In fact, some of them read these. Hi! Hope heads weren’t too sore and you can agree that the couple were lovelier than even the stereotype.

It was the bookend to a week which started wholesomely in the Life Centre staring with childish wonder at a giant, rotating globe. So wondrous was it that we had to periodically return from other exhibits to point at it.

Despite the Bank Holiday, most kitchens were closed till the evening and we had to move pub lunch to pub tea. We walked in to a drunk being kicked out. Thankfully, my mask prevented recognition being mutual and we were spared excruciating minutes of inappropriate patter.

Between the bookends I’ve started on the Morning Pages resolution1. In the nice notebook. They’re unexpectedly intense. I anticipated a page of inchoate work noodling while my brain waited for me to add coffee. Instead I’m having 30 minutes of daily therapy with myself. It’s not helped with the work malaise and procrastination yet, but it’s identified the causes of my poor sleep and is making it easier to talk to The Chef about stuff.

On the theme of resolutions I’m taking inspiration and installed a habit tracker to encourage stickiness. I haven’t opened it yet. I’m doubtful of its effectiveness.

Piglet has added pastiche to her repertoire. While she doesn’t understand the reason for a set of tasks, she can mimic the outline of them. She’ll diligently clean Lǎoyé’s fish pond, without ever dangering the pond with cleanliness. And the half of a phone conversation I caught while she paced with an old case held to her ear was excellent.

Lastly, because I read Open Water this week (read it; it’s short and superb) and it’s infused with music, this week’s recommendation comes straight from the pages: Church by Kelsey Lu. I’ve got it on now.

  1. These aren’t up yet if you’re reading today, but are on backlog.↩︎

9 January 2022


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