Weeknotes 039: Alexa, play Mambo Number 5

These are out earlier than usual1 because we’re going camping again and I’m expecting the usual internet deficit. Weather looks like it’s going to be awesome:

WeatherForecast Raiiiin

We finished last week with another second birthday party and it was as quiet as the first. I spent most of it with Piglet attached to me. She’s started with a daddy phase in the last few days, which I’m planning on enjoying while it lasts.

I’d spent the run up ill and feverish. I tried reading Gnomon, but the characters’ habitation of other people’s dreams messed up my already poor and limited sleep. It’s a great way to feel their distress though. 5 stars. Would recommend next time you’re sweating in bed.

I took the next day off work to recover. Twitter pointed out that the ski lodge episode of Frasier was starting and that I should settle in for perfect TV.

While I laying giggling, Piglet went for her first swimming session with Grandma. Success enough that I think it’s now part of the weekly calendar.

She’s started a possesive phase and shouted at a resting bird, Piglet’s garden. Not the pigeon’s!” We’ve surrendered a square of dirt in the border for her to dig and rake. Next spring she should have enough understanding to plant something in it.

Akin to the possesive phase she’s getting strict about her bedtime routine. When The Chef mixed up the order of the lyrics to Hush little baby she was told, Not brass! Start again!”2

There was a first taste of crackling with her roast. We were unsure what she would make of the texture, but a demand of, more crackling!” followed by her swashbuckling laugh to denote winning assuaged any doubts.

The Chef’s Nǎinai snuck out her second birthday of the year this week. She’s like the Queen with official and unofficial celebrations. As the kids say, Yaas, slay queen!”

I’m back to earth in Duolingo following the binge of the last few weeks, but with the HSK2 in sight I need to pick it back up, along with mock exams and finishing that timetable I started

We’ve taken the time to talk through the last week and seek something like closure. I’ve a longer version of the weeknotes written, but unpublished for privacy’s sake.

  1. They’re not, but let’s pretend, eh?↩︎

  2. I realise all Piglet’s quoted sentences finish with exclamation marks. To which I say, have you met a toddler?↩︎

4 July 2021


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