Weeknotes 036: Am a comin’ in.

I’ve moved all my book reviews from the last four years on here. I’ve never been a stickler for recording dates and I’ve consolidated them into end of year lists. They’re a duplication of what I’ve got on LibraryThing and it took ages to do, so please skim read them.

I’d mulled over whether to include them on here or if this is just a Dad Blog. I also debated whether I should update the reviews where I’ve changed my mind. I decided against that for the same reason that weeknotes and 100words stand unchanged—they’re a reflection of my brain at the time of writing (spelling corrections aside).

All of which put me in a reflective mood as to the purpose of this Dad blog”. Theoretically I’m writing it to be read in public. Nothing too private gets in, although there should be enough for memory triggers and in-jokes. And for a few warts too. Selected but not selective. I’ve an audience of only 1.5 people and I don’t need to overly worry about the quality.

Long ago when I started 100 words, it was to help improve my writing and sound less like a middle manager. I’ve not succeeded at that yet, but I am writing more at work and I think I’ve got a unique voice in my reports. So not a total failure.

The other benefit, which in hindsight I should have anticipated, is that I’m noticing more. 100 words helped me remember and mark the passing of time in lockdown. Having a child was always likely to make me sit up and pay more attention, but since writing here, my memories have been more vivid. I’ve discovered that I’m a reader of my writing. And I find joy in rereading my mundane and prosaic life.

The habit is useful. I have a running note of Piglet’s Firsts. It’s not something I would have thought to do if I wasn’t already logging in to iA writer every day to make notes for here. We sat on the couch and went through nearly 2 years of Piglet’s growth and felt the warming glow of parental pride. The dates aren’t necessary, but they help.

I guess what I’m saying is, that I’ve no plans to quit soon.

In more traditional weeknote fare we carted Piglet off to her grandparents while we went out for a meal with friends. The time is coming when these routines won’t feel remarkable. But not yet.

We spent the earlier portion of the day at a collective second birthday party for the combined kids of the ante-natal WhatsApp group. To say there were nearly a dozen kids there, the quiet was noticeable. It’s going to be a while longer before Covid clears for this cohort of toddlers.

That party was a precursor for our own and we spent Friday night preparing. I texted my folks an apology mid-prep for all the unthanked work they had to do for us growing up. We gave up near midnight having attached the balloons to a garland and The Chef having shaved the rainbow cake to shape.

Amongst the birthday parties I’ve my HSK2 exam coming up in July. In a flashback to Uni life, I’ve started by making myself a revision timetable and structuring a OneNote around the topics. In lieu of conversation practice, I’m transcribing the coursebook to help force it into my brain. And I’m supplementing with a Duolingo binge. 12 months too late to join in the Twitter memes.

13 June 2021


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