Weeknotes 035: More please. Want it back.

As a further example of the returning normality, I’ve my first cold in nearly 2 years. I’m bored of it now.

It was given to me—with kindness and no regret—by Piglet. Those lessons in sharing are paying off. She managed to go to nursery without tears for the first time ever, only for The Chef to get a call within the hour to take her back for a Covid test. Negative. But ill enough to stay home. The Chef took carer days to look after her. That it was sunny was a coincidental bonus.

She rested as I would with Hey Duggee on the couch while indulging in junk food. We’re back on overnight cuddling shifts. Her little heart still beats so fast.

To draw attention from her sinuses, we’ve been concentrating on distractions. When practicing her days, she knows the main activity for each one. Saturday is a reverentially whispered, Bakery.” The Chef was on weekend shift, so we headed down together for cookies before a day spent in parks and fields.

We spent a lazy Sunday recuperating in the garden watching the bumbleflies (bluebottles), bumblebees and the returned blue tits working to feed their new chicks1.

Piglet recovered from her shyness around the neighbours to spend the day heckling them through the fence and from her window. It was a genuine jump from nextdoor’s kids at an expert-level peekaboo shout.

She’s started to grasp the difference between mine and yours and can refer to her stuff properly. Shame she’s not as distinguishing when it come to her germs.

It’s been a good week at work. The Ivy League To Do is working well and I’m definitely feeling less overwhelmed. Which means I’m getting more done and spending less time fretting pointlessly.

I’ve started watching TV on my lunchbreak as a reward. I’ve restarted The Legend of Korra. Whisper it, but I’m enjoying it more than Last Airbender.

Spotify’s latest bout of nonsense is well summed up here. Like Jon Bois, I’m the only one cool enough to switch from British Folk to British Indie.

The roof is leaking again. I’m contemplating making it a feature.

  1. I’ve just checked and their life expectancy is 3 years. Guess I’m cleaning out the nest this autumn.↩︎

6 June 2021


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