Weeknotes 015: Bluffside Crossing

When Piglet doesn’t want something she’ll say No” or 不要 (búyào) and we’ll typically ask Why not?” in return. She’s interpreted Why not?” to mean No means no!” and it’s used in times of extreme displeasure.

She’s also taken to saying Mama pump” whenever she farts, which upsets The Chef no end. Toddlers are a lot of fun when they let you sleep.

At work, I’m managing to stick with my analogue to-do lists and weirdly enjoying it. It’s led to a productive week. There’s even been completed… admin. It won’t last.

Being organised has stretched into home life too and I’ve had food in for lunch most of the week. Instead of heading to the shops, I’m settling in with a double-speed YouTube. The advantage of being a Geordie is that it still sounds a bit slow. (The disadvantage being that everyone else assumes you’re slow.) As a sucker for both urban nerdery and seeing a game played to a higher standard than I can manage, watching a City planner plays city builders is catnip.

This week sees the return of a friend from maternity leave. We’ve a virtual lunch planned for the regular pre-pandemic lunch table. Which is probably healthier adult behaviour.

Had a fun career chat with the boss. After waffling for 30 minutes all about meeeee he gave me a choice: Switch to a job you don’t want to do, but with a reasonable chance of promotion or stay with me and do fun stuff without one.” We’re OK financially and I spend too many hours at work, so I’ve agreed with The Chef that I’ll go for the second one.

As for weeknotes, Ethan Marcotte has a post about how he’s let his website be his worry stone during the pandemic. It made me consider leaving Typehut to set up a personal website1. I was pricing domain names when I realised that I like the restrictions. With my own site I’m apt to make the same mistakes as at work and plunge hours into the styling, rather than the content.

I’ll persevere throughout 2021 with this. And if writing proves sticky enough, then maybe I’ll build a shifting house beside a river.

  1. This happened later. Welcome to reading this on blot.im↩︎

17 January 2021


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