Weeknotes 014: Ghosts say baa-baa.

We started the week with a misunderstanding. Long story short, The Chef evacuated tea out of her nose and goats say, WoOoOoOoOoo” in our house.

Our understanding of Piglet might improve over the next few weeks. We’re keeping her out of nursery while the pandemic rages. They had a positive case on Christmas Eve and anyone that had been in that week got an abrupt heartbreaking change to their festive plans.

I’m holding hypocritical views of Christmas unlockdown. It was delightful to have the family all together to eat and fuss over Piglet. But I still think from a societal level it was the wrong thing to do. To reuse a metaphor from the clowns that run the country, I want to eat my cake and have it.

Not that I’m supposed to eat cake in January. Resolutions to be healthy and all that. I’ve belatedly realised I can cast my phone to the TV, which means I can Sworkit without having to faff positioning my phone just right. I can even use Piglet’s foam squares as a gym mat.

The exercise has been a good start to sleepy days. Piglet has coupled separation anxiety with teething, so I’m in the nursery most nights. I caught myself staring, fascinated, at her hands. They’re still small enough to fit in my palm. One day they won’t. For now, they hold nothing bigger or smaller than potential. A tonic for the broken sleep and snoring from my armpit area.

This week In the Night Garden, the Pontipines slept in Upsy Daisy’s bed. This wasn’t a bad thing because Piglet finds the Pontipines hilarious and someone sleeping in the wrong bed is about the limit of enjoyable peril for a toddler. Think Midsommar or Get Out but for developing brains. Igglepiggle losing his blanket was too much though. We needed to cuddle to get through that episode.

We also needed to cuddle after a second-face plant. Still saved the bike.

And after going from chair to floor, via a plant stand. That one hurt enough that she lost a couple of meals.

The toilet saga is over (I hope). We can once again flush without needing to fill a bucket in the shower first. I made sure to tackle it when no-one was home to hear the swearing and tantruming of tools. The roof has had its first of three provisional fixes. Let’s see if I guessed right and repaired it. Let the roof saga begin. The suspense.

10 January 2021


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