Weeknotes 012: Dancing in a brewery

  • I saw an Australian stand-up warning people away from $6 bread because you can never go back to cheap (I’d link to it, but Twitter’s search engine is very much in beta). Anyway, it’s happened to us. We complained that Haagen-Dazs tasted sweet and artificial. Hipster ice cream from here on out.
  • Piglet has graduated to one story on the lap and one in the cot before putting herself down to sleep. Sometimes. It’s a glimmer of toddlerhood.
  • She’s also started counting to ten (skipping seven), which feels weird this young.
  • Christmas has arrived! We were off on Friday and decorated the tree. I managed a couple more little DIY jobs to keep my marriage intact while The Chef made the house green.
  • Piglet greeted the tree with awe. She’s spent the last few days demanding to see it every hour and saying hi and bye to it.
  • The Chef was working this weekend and we had our second Daddy-Daughter weekend. The aim was to avoid A&E this time. The closest we got was seeing one of the neighbour’s kids getting wiped out by the swinging seesaw in the park. She’s fine. But it was a good clonk.
  • We swung via Mushroom Works to pick up some art from their open studios event and, because we were out and needed beer for a sticky ribs recipe, we swung via the nearby brewery. They had Christmas tunes on and Piglet charmed the hearts of everyone there by cracking out her moves.
  • It turns out there are only 20 milk teeth. And now that number 15 is out, we could have a full set before her second birthday.
  • It’s the 7th December and we’re still not Whamaggedoned
7 December 2020


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