Weeknotes 010: Month Notes

Missed a couple of weeknotes for no more exciting a reason than the new series of His Dark Materials airs in my usual Sunday night write-up slot. We’re three episodes in and Piglet hasn’t interrupted once.

Having missed a few weeks, there should be plenty to write about. But Lockdown 2: Electric Avenue, innit?

We got out on Sunday for a walk around the Rising Sun. Piglet woke from her nap just in time to perform her full repertoire of animal noises for said animals. The ducks were the most appreciative. In the absence of chickens or elephants, the remaining impressions were shouted at an empty field.

It was our first walk in a couple of weeks. The advent of canines ruined Piglets overnight sleep. She’s been fine during the day, so me and The Chef had a 2-hour nana nap on both days of last weekend. Felt pretty damn good on Monday.

The Chef has railed against her moniker and had a fortnight largely off cooking. I’d like to say I’ve stepped up and taken the slack, but instead we’ve drastically increased out takeaway intake. Our guts have had aromas and running up the stairs slightly too quickly is enough to leave me worryingly short of breath. Intervention time.

Piglet has been far from breathless. She’s attempting to run (with little success) and is nearing the hundred words mark. Her second most impressive piece of rote memorisation is when she counts’ to ten. Only topped by her ability to recognise and recite the numbers. Keep it up and she could be the next Sesame Count.

She’s been all that stands between me and full vegetation. Winter lockdown has slaughtered my motivation. We’ve a hundred odd jobs that need tackling in the house, but between sleep and play, it’s felt like there’s not been the time. I’ve not even managed many books. It’s week 11 all over again.

At least one or two will have happened before the next weeknote if I’m to remain married.

10 November 2020


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