Weeknotes 011: Decaffeinated

A bullet-pointy update this week. My weekly scribbles are too disjointed to try thread continuously.

  • I’ve noted a few times that this is a sleep tracking blog. Having gone back through the 100 words, I’m happy to confirm that I updated the world on how poorly I slept 15% of the time.
  • Piglet’s attention span has increased enough to read slightly longer books without demanding a page turn every second. We can follow plots. Me and The Chef now want to know what happened to the 5 currant buns Mrs. Rabbit buys which make no further appearance. We think she troffed them herself between the pages.
  • I use Authy for 2-factor authentication. Every couple of months it checks that I can remember my backup password. A useful design prompt that I’m stealing for some work stuff.
  • Finished If Beale Street Could Talk this week. It’s the second book I’ve read this year—first being No Country for Old Men—where the directors made my imagination redundant. Barry Jenkins has my heart and eyeballs for everything from here on out.
  • Because I’m the type of dweeb to have a RSS-feed for the local council website, we’ve got an engineer coming round in 2 weeks to see if we’re eligible for a free heat pump. Likely we won’t get it, but the consultation should be worth it alone.
  • Having already had maskne, I’ve now got athlete’s ear. When’s that vaccine due?
  • This excellent nonsense song has been doing the rounds. I can’t decide if it better matches Piglet or Grandad’s interpretation of songs on the radio.
  • Lockdown II has been more wearying than I’d like. I’ve been feeling anxious while at work (in the attic), so I tried cutting caffeine out. Day one led to a low-grade headache and concomitant bad mood. Felt better for it a few days down the line and I’ll try to keep it to alternate days at most for the foreseeable.
  • If I do backslide, I’ll be sure to make no note of it on here. In 10 years I’ll read of continuous improvement and wonder why it was always the first jog I was embarking on.
29 November 2020


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