Advent of Bloggers: Day 20

Twenty is for the hyper-local here on Advent of Bloggers.

Screenshot of Space for Gosforth’s blog

Space For Gosforth is an activist group for a suburb of Newcastle that uses blogging to argue for improvements to the area. It’s a conversation they have with the council in public and they aim to show the thing” where they can. They mix positive and critical suggestions and feedback. It’s not a blog that has any relevance outside of a few square miles, but that was always the promise of the internet; a bit for all of us.

If you liked this, you’ll like this

  • Kay Williams wrote collection of resources for school students in the Newcastle area. It’s dormant now, but thanks to the wonders of RSS, I’ll know if it ever wakes up.
  • The Ouseburn Trust are a charity heavily involved with another of the suburbs and they mix history of the area in with appeals and events.
  • Whatever the local relevant blog is for your area. Not got one? You could start it.
20 December 2022

Advent of Blogging

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