Advent of Bloggers: Day 13

Hopping over the pond for urbanism in the US of A for the thirteenth day of Advent of Bloggers

Screenshot of Kristen Jeffers’ blog

What I know about Black American, Queer urbanism could fit on a postage stamp. All of that would have originated with Kristen Jeffers. Blogging can be a way to get a different view of the world and be richer for it. Start by seeing if you and your city view each other the same way.

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  • Darrell Owens is a campaigner who blogs about his efforts.
  • Jeff Siegler is evangelical on giving a damn about where you live.
  • Because it’s been thirteen days and I’m feeling frisky, a vlog instead of a blog with Not Just Bikes.
13 December 2022

Advent of Blogging

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