Advent of Bloggers: Day 3

Are newsletters eligble as blogs? I read them in Feedly and don’t need to know if they originate with substack or not, so for the third day of Advent of Bloggers let’s chat on my own premise and do newsletters.

Screenshot of Jonn Elledge’s blog

One of the few newsletters I pay for is Jonn Elledge’s Compendium. To steal from his ex-New Statesman alumni, Stephen Bush, it’s excellent in a 30 minute Radio 4 documentary kind of way. Great if you like maps, detailed ephemera and howling into the void.

If you liked this, you’ll like this

  • Helen Lewis also formerly of the NS patch is great for theatre, Twitter beef and driving tips. I’ve said before I disagree with her Trans views, but would struggle to say they’re not the plurality view in the UK and there is value in reading them.
  • Tom Forth doesn’t write a newsletter, but his blog has that same Radio 4 feel. That he’s a chippy Northerner is a bonus in my book.
  • Oliver Burkeman wrote 4000 weeks and his Imperfections newsletter follows the same threads.
3 December 2022

Advent of Blogging

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