Advent of Bloggers: Day 1

For the first day of Advent of Bloggers, it has to be weeknotes related, doesn’t it?

Screenshot of Alice Bartlett’s Weblog There was a spike in weeknoting in 2019 which I attribute almost entirely down to Alice Bartlett’s inspiration. They’re what got me in to them too. She’s well into the 200s now and I wouldn’t recommend starting at the beginning. Drop yourself in media res and enjoy what Twitter used to be like. Punchy, funny and friendly.

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  • Denise Wilton uses words deliberately and musically. Her poetry is about not choosing words as much as it is about choosing them. I wish I could write like her.
  • Tom Stuart for low key baking, being annoyed at peripherals and reminders to live by.
  • Not just for his weeknotes, but Phil Gyfford might be the best link sharer I follow.
1 December 2022

Advent of Blogging

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