100 words 027

A neighbour’s takeaway arrived during the Applause. The delivery driver took the chance to slow-wheel down the street, waving like the Queen, drinking in the praise. Fair play.

I took the Applause solo, as The Chef was settling Piglet. We’re unsure, but tooth #9 might be on the way. Piglet was unsettled all day and left most of her food. Instead of going to the worms, it was scattered for the birds and two of the bolshiest blackbirds I’ve seen took up the offer. They came within inches of me to get some half-eaten vegetables. Fair play to them too.

28 May 2020

100 Words

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100 words 026 15 minutes is all these notes need. Yet I keep failing. But 15 minutes is also all it takes to do a bit of Mandarin each day. I fail at that too.
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