100 words 019

Predictably, my quads reacted to yesterday’s jog by tightening overnight to the same length as a toddler’s. I groaned downstairs this morning with Piglet, my core taking over the job of operating my legs.

Still, they were allowed to tighten by a baby that slept through the night. The whole night!

In celebration, we got a socially distant driveway visit from lǎoyé and the cast iron skillet. Piglet was on tremendous form and they left happy when the rain got too heavy.

Now to lie in a hot, salty bath to convince my legs take it upon themselves to relax.

17 May 2020

100 Words

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100 words 020 I’m still stuttering down stairs like a puppet with a broken string. Collapsing into chairs rather than sitting down too. Hoping my leg muscles