Weeknotes 110: I’m carrots about carrots, me.

A week in the words of a three year old who is really leaning in to that American accent.


(While sitting on my chest)
I’m squeezing your heart flat.
(Starts blowing raspberries on me)
I’m pumping1 your heart up.
(Eyebrow waggle)


(Farting at the dinner table)
That’s just the pony coming out to look for my cardigan.


(To her mama while picking up her coat)
Oi! Missus! That’s not yours!


(Whispering from the wardrobe)
Not this one again.


(Proudly sweeping crumbs onto grandma’s hallway carpet)
These can be for the birdies.


You wait two ticks. And you wait four ticks.


My favourite artists were the one that gave me chocolate and the one that gave me a gingerbread man.

  1. Pumping is a Northern word for farting↩︎

27 November 2022


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