Weeknotes 106: Super worm. Home time. Your daddy’s here.

Piglet took the news that she’s going to be a big sister pretty well. A shy fidgety cuddle. A nervous smile. A maneuver out of the cuddle and over to touch The Chef’s belly. Eyes alight with nascent understanding. And a resounding cry of:

When you grow up I’ll give you a lollipop!

Capstone to a half-term week of outings. Taking sprinkle cookies to see friends. Confidently sliding down the pool slide on Grandma’s birthday. Questioning Lǎolao as to why the other children have her” Gibside pumpkin trail map. A sad return because she couldn’t have another sleepover. Bouncing at the new trampoline place. Enjoying the endearing naffness of British Hallowe’en at Seaton Delaval Hall.

Both Piglet and The Chef have the same mannerism of contemplating an overfull fork of food, before reaching the conclusion that it can be done.

The David Squires comic this week needs no additional comment. The best cartoonist in the business, even if you don’t follow football.

I’m free from isolation and into the disconcertingly pleasant October weather. I celebrated with a Greggs. I’m out of breath doing trivial things like climbing stairs and I can’t allocate how much is due to this specific bout of Covid versus the accumulation of all the Covid knocks. I don’t think it’s just me. The world feels less resilient and in need of a hug.

Who do Japanese breakfast remind me of? It’s definitely someone. Another joy of aging to put along with my long eyebrow hair.

30 October 2022


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