Weeknotes 083: I’m here to buy strawberries. I got me a bag of bread.

Not every weeknote needs to be a blow by blow account of the week. Sometimes it can just be vibes.

A laden gooseberry bush

A laden gooseberry bush. Ribollita. Bucolic delight, playing in unmown grass after cycling home from the market. Tears at the dentist. Rediscovering a single, now the album’s out. Dressing up as a cuddly teddy. Eating tea in a pub at the end of a week filled with parks. Cosplaying a guinea pig and getting lettuce through the cage bars. Iterating on the cycling commute. DIY playing nice and taking less time than anticipated. A superb book.


22 May 2022


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Weeknotes 082: Mmmm. Smells like sellotape The swifts returned this week. Piglet and The Chef braved glacial weather at the beach. It’s officially summer! To ameliorate Piglet’s daily demands
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