Weeknotes 051: What makes you happy? Mama

Meadowhall Travelodge wasn’t as bad as anticipated and we slept for another glorious 9 hours. A sterling start to a Sunday. Our timing worked out better in nabbing a charger and we had a leisurely coffee while juicing the car for the home leg.

Piglet was happy to see us and took us to visit 黑马和白马 (black horse and white horse) at the farm at the end of lane. Back at Lǎolao and Lǎoyé’s, over delicious home-made 羊肉烩面 (lamb noodle soup), we were recounted with stories of her excellent potty usage.

The final drive home of the day had a rainbow, one of those ridiculous sunsets where a painter would get told to tone it down, diggers and Hey Duggee on the phone. It couldn’t have been a better drive for Piglet without a unicorn dancing past.

The Chef is over her cold and I’m back in the Big Boy Bed™.

She’s replaced her cold with hand, foot and mouth disease. Looks like Piglet wasn’t teething after all. Because of the foot blisters, she’s hobbling about like a pensioner with severe gout.

I’ve had a strangely productive start to the week when I stopped procrastinating on the thing that’s been Too Big To Start and just started it. Evergreen lesson, that one.

Lǎoyé came round to watch Piglet over lunch. I found him in the hallway struggling to get into her room. It is an effective baby gate, to be fair.

After years, Chinese class is over. Sad, but we’ve been shedding students each term. We’ve kept going with just the four, but three of us have small kids. We’ve promised to meet up for a drink in 2022. I think I’m still going to go for the HSK3 exam in December. I’ve enough native speakers around to help me when I get stuck and it’ll keep me going till I come up with a plan for next year.

Lǎolao underwent surgery on Wednesday and my folks were away in their new caravan, so I took a child care day. As it was 20 °C and sunny, we went to the nature reserve where we saw deer. They eyed us suspiciously while Piglet sat on my shoulders barking excitement at them. Once I let her down they scarpered. A post-nap trip to the park included a meltdown on the boat over needing to take turns on the steering wheel. The other toddler felt sad about Piglet’s tears and offered her a turn and when I asked her to say Thank you” she snarled No” which led to another chat and meltdown. We made up over chocolate covered ice cream and The Chef joined us for a cheeky meal out.

It was another tasty meal, but the music was atrocious. Limp, soulless cover versions. I forget where I read it, but someone pointed out covers frequently miss the sexiness of the originals. Especially the twee ones beloved of adverts. Which put me in mind of this write-up of acoustic rap covers (via Phil Gyford).

Piglet managed no backsliding in nursery with her potty. Two days and only one minor accident. And The Chef has her Covid booster in her arm. It means I keep the overnight shift. But it’s all about Daddy this week anyhow. I’m so f■■■ing tired.

I was the only person in the office on Friday. I’ve got a dedicated desk now that I’m back and spent half an hour being an office tart again. There’s a clean desk policy—no plants or books—but everything tidied and aligned the way I like it.

Saturday was spent manufacturing mRNA and pottering about the area. A new cafe, a new butcher’s bag and new plants from the garden centre. Popped round to see that Lǎolao is recovering well. We even booked up Santa; already too late to get a weekend slot though.

We finished the week playing computer games and drinking beer while The Chef told me she used to keep her baby teeth in the bobby pins box. And that she can’t remember what she did with them. Sweet dreams.

26 September 2021


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