Weeknotes 047: Oh George, it’s long enough for a ponytail

These weeknotes brought to you by the song Down in the Jungle”:

A quiet afternoon with both girls sleeping let me catch back up on these. Apologies to RSS readers for a glut of out of order weeknotes.

On the topic of RSS, Jeremy Keith splits his RSS into two folders: blogs and magazines. It’s like Hey and their feed and paper trail. It worked for me while I used Hey (before everything happened) and I ported the labels back to Gmail. Is it too broad for my feeds? I might try and simplify.

Last bit of RSS. I found an RSS club in one of my feeds. I’d link out to it, but they ask for secrecy and organic discovery. Both of my readers can be disappointed here.

Weeknotes have been steadily growing in length. This is mostly because I’m in the habit of jotting down ideas as they happen. And I’m also in the habit of not leaving myself time to edit before publishing. They’re overly indulgent these days which marks the shift in focus from an attempt to improve my writing towards memorialising our lives. Still, I’m going to try to edit down to 500 words max. You know, to improve my writing.

It’s taken me a few days this week to shake last week’s illness. Work’s been too busy for me to wallow and I’ve had to carry on, albeit more grumpily in calls. The Ivy League To Do + Analog is keeping me on track.

In one of my grumpy calls, I was chatting to someone with a beautiful office. Then I found these and I want to repaint our office and move the furniture about. Just need to do all my other DIY jobs first.

Piglet’s been processing the round of everyone is ill with Daddy’s not sick. Daddy feels better. Mama’s not sick. Mama feels better. Piglet’s not sick. Piglet feels better,” on loop.

The Chef took her to Seven Stories where The Chef was very brave and joined in playing with the toy spiders and Piglet raged when she couldn’t take the tigers home for tea.

HSK2.jpg Nerrrrd

I passed my HSK2 with 100%. I’m feeling swotty.

29 August 2021


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