Weeknotes 042: Want big bed. Want pictures

  • When Piglet hands me a toy cake, I pretend to eat it by shoving it down my T-shirt. When it emerges, she screams with delight and shouts Daddy pooped out a cake!” That’s never going to get old.
  • She’s reached an age where she’s starting naming her toys. Beautiful. Teeny tiny. Sprout. Mammy. Daddy. Steve. Tillakaratne the Sri Lankan Polar Bear. It may be apparent in that list when Piglet took over from me in the naming department.
  • We’ve accidentally created a game where I shout 六月, I’m a get you!” and I have to chase her around the block. That one might get old.
  • The Chef had a rota’d day off with plans for a (late) Spring Clean. These were scuppered by a call from nursery to say the regular rotation of viruses has hit Piglet’s intestines.
  • She was recovered enough to be carted off to her grandparents on Saturday to free me up to assemble her Big Girl Room™. Time’s not slowing down. The Chef had me clear out the nursery too. Providential as, after her bath, there was a moment when Piglet wanted to sleep in her cot. We took her to the empty room and, content, she returned to her new room to sleep in her Big Girl Bed™.
  • After a restful night’s sleep for everyone, we visited my family for Auntie R’s birthday. We need to invite our parents round for Sunday roast soon. We keep turning up at their houses for food and we’re accruing significant cooking debts.
  • Dappled is a word which I hear only in reference to sunlight. It’s an inherently joyful word and I’m trying to shoehorn it into other contexts where there is a happy smattering and interplay.
  • I metaphorically sprinted (Agile folks, you know what I mean) to the end of work. Yet I still spent Saturday and Sunday evening on the couch hacking away at my remaining to-dos. I need to get better at leaving for holiday. I’m on holiday now though.
  • Magnet fingers!
25 July 2021


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