Weeknotes 041: Nanananananananananana Batman

Bullety-bullets this week:

  • HSK2 exam day!
  • Cycling across the moor wearing my best middle-aged hipster-dad gear and listening to Fana Hues in the sunshine was the perfect preparation.
  • The exam itself went OK? I saw my class in the flesh for the first time in a year. It’ll stop feeling remarkable any day now…
  • I mooched around a coffee shop and a book shop before meeting a mate in a beer garden. Where we stayed for the majority of the afternoon. I pushed the bike home, rather than have a tipsy crash. Too old for them these days.
  • Watching Piglet chat away I can compare her development to my own in Chinese. We’re about equivalent and she’ll surpass me in the next few years. I’m stuck at the better-than-a-two-year-old-but-worse-than-a-five-year-old level. I can be understood in rudimentary ways, but I’m frustrated at my inability to articulate any complexity. And I’m going to be at this level for years. I need to stick with piglet and keep powering through.
  • The nice weather meant Piglet managed two beach trips. Once to Blyth with Lǎoyé and Lǎolao and a Costa del Druridge with us. Via a miniature choo-choo train en route. And via fish and chips ordered on an app on the way home. Modern times.
  • I’ve been feeling so-so, so I’ve taken my first Covid test. Negative.
  • All the furniture has arrived for the Big Girl Room™. I’ve a day next weekend where Piglet is being sent to grandparents for me to put it all together.
  • She threw her first proper hour-long wobbler on the way to the park after nursery. Coupled with the new room, she’s a toddler now. One who doesn’t deal with being hot. Like her mother really.
  • The Euro final could have ended better. The salve is that Italy deserved it.
  • We visited Gosforth Nature Reserve but didn’t think to wear DEET. We’re recovering from 20 mosquito bites each.
18 July 2021


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