Weeknotes 033: If it’s not an apple, it’s a tomato.

  • We’ve had an unusually usual weekend.
  • Piglet went swimming for the first time in over a year. Our worries about how she’d react were unfounded and she took back to the pool like the water-baby she was/is.
  • Insides of restaurants are nice. Really nice. Piglet loved it more than swimming.
  • I’m out of practice though. Walking round town left me exhausted, with pangs of jealousy staring down at the comfort pram sleeping.
  • She’s gone from hating the bus during lockdown to giddy glee; people-watching and the world rolling past big windows. She loved it more than the restaurant.
  • Around that we’ve hung a weekend of shopping for birthday and camping supplies. Piglet’s actual favourite thing of the weekend was escalators.
  • So. A normal weekend. We’re finding out—along with everyone else—how exciting normal is.
  • A salve to a week of disappointment for friends and illness for Piglet. Her preference for The Chef at bedtime gets me out of the first round of whinginess, but means I’ll get early morning screaming for Mama. My eardrums aren’t brilliant, so no great loss.
  • She’s getting better at nursery drop off. We thought we’d cracked it on Thursday, but she thought she was going to Whitley Wildings. Upon spotting her mistake, she lost it.
  • Speaking of the Wildings, I got the story of Sandy’s yellow wellies and Kendra’s boots. Which wouldn’t have been gripping at the best of times. At 2 am it was an affront.
  • At work I read about the Ivy league approach and I’m trying it to control anxiety while I’m out of the office. One week in and it’s a helpful addition. I’ve only crossed the finish line once (and it felt great), but the removal of multitasking is keeping my brain buzz quiet. I’ve even restarted trying to touch my toes.
  • In other blog posts that got me thinking, I wrote in to the NS Podcast and wasn’t roasted for a terrible question.
  • I’ve given up on the lunchtime YouTube in favour of scripted TV. I finished second series of The Boys. Less fun than the first and it’s still punching at the wrong targets. But Karl Urban, so it’s not without merit. I’ll probably pass on the third series.
  • I’ve split the photos of Piglet into the twenty” and the rest”. Now it’s on The Chef to spend a stressful month deciding and we’ll get them up before she leaves home.
  • I’m one of the lucky ones for vaccine side-effects. Not even a sore arm.
  • Beeswing is a delightful song and it’s allegedly about Anne Briggs, who I’ve never listened to. She’s good.
  • It’s June in a week and we’ve got the heating on. Pray for our camping trip.
23 May 2021


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