Weeknotes 032: The swifts are back

  • I’m full of mRNA. Not that I’m not usually. But this time it didn’t start with my ribosomes.
  • The health centre pulsed with shambolic efficiency. Professionals, volunteers and the public mushed together in grumbling harmony. One bloke ignored the barber’s queue etiquette to much head shaking. He left the car park against the one way too. I presume he’s one of those types.
  • Piglet did her first sleepover at Grandma and Grandad’s. It went as smoothly as her stay at Lǎolao and Lǎoyé’s, meaning we’ve multiple babysitting options. And they’re thirsty for it.
  • We wasted the first part of our freedom on repainting the nursery ceiling while she wasn’t asleep in there. But recovered our self-respect by drinking and eating ridiculously good Indian street food. The Chef peeled off to play on the computer and I marinaded in the bath with When Harry Met Sally. I’ve not seen it before, but it’s a hell of a movie. A non-stop setup–payoff of a script. And a rare RomCom where I know why the characters have fallen in love.
  • A tipsy 2-hour bath was much needed relaxation. Work anxiety is such that I ended up having a meeting in my dreams. And when I hadn’t finished enough work, I was kicked out of my own dream. Which was certainly a different way to wake in the small hours.
  • Now that summer” is here”, Grandad has taxed his sports car and Grandma can use the Fiesta and I can stay undressed on a Tuesday. I hope, now that I’m vaccinated, work don’t want me in the office.
  • Life under the various lockdowns has made Piglet a creature of habit. She woke on Saturday and earnestly told me Bakery. Then park.” There are worse routines to have.
  • She’s been on a conceptual binge recently. She can use yes/no correctly, gets another means one more of the same thing, x not y comparisons, and this is not for you.”
  • Monday is a good day for Hot Pot.
  • This List of lists and article about pocketssss are worth 5 mins each. I want a pocket further down my thigh so I can check on my list of which animals have genuine diplomas.
  • We’ve backed a crowdfunder to get one of them Shoreditch murals in BoHo Gosforth. Feel free to chuck a bit of cash their way to make my commute more interesting.
16 May 2021


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