Weeknotes 031: Bye-bye! Open the gate!

Look at us being all instagram-friendly with our repurposed eggshells and the seeds from a moldy tomato. Eggshells

We got lucky with dry Bank Holiday weather for clomping about Whitley Wildings’ rail-side garden. Piglet hunted for snails, hid stones and dug in mud. She enjoyed it so much, she skipped her nap.

We had tables booked at Scream for Pizza. The Chef, having looked at the weather, had cancelled them a few days prior. We switched to takeaway. Collecting while the tables were battered with freezing rain, I felt the warm glow of the right choice made. Piglet was haunted by her decision not to nap and fell asleep with pizza half in her mouth.

Stomachs remained filled with delight as The Chef cracked on with Rosa’s Thai Cafe and made a stunning salmon red curry. I took over the cooking for the rest of the week. Prevented us dying at least.

Piglet missed nursery with the classic toddler-loose-stools-from-eating-soil. She did not enjoy returning this week.

Today involved walking over to the quayside and bagging a table at By the River for the food market. It was socially distanced table service and the regular bouncing atmosphere was replaced with something more chill. But let’s face it, we’ve a 1 year old: chilled table service through an app is an upgrade for us.

We stuck our heads in the shops on the way back and picked up Piglet her first pillow. She got very excited for it being in the cot and is currently dramatically flounced across it.

I’ve had niggling hand eczema from all the disinfecting and bubble-bathing Piglet. The Chef dug out the hydrocortisone and put it on my bedside table a few weeks back and I’ve been clear since. There’s a moral there if I bother to look for it.

To get back in to the swing of reading something other than comics—and because we read a lot of Where’s my cow?”—I reread Thud! this week. It’s a good book to read as a dad. It prompted The Chef to binge through all the Vimes books. It failed to help and I spent the rest of the week reading Sandman comics.

We ordered 20 picture frames and we’re stalling on choosing the 20 best photos of Piglet to go in them. I’ve whittled the original 200 photos don to 60-ish. Let’s see how many notes it is before we’ve ordered the final set…

I’m enjoying having moved the blog to Blot, but what’s the deal? I’m able to accidentally bag domain stubs all the time. You can read these on ink.blot.im, paul.blot.im or woohooctopus.blot.im. I’m going to stop switching before I unfairly catch em all.

Those elections were a load of s■■■, weren’t they?

9 May 2021


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