Weeknotes 008: Latenotes

Sometimes a Sunday is less than stellar for reasons. And weeknotes appear late.

We didn’t get a call from Public Health England. Just a regular toddler bug.

In non-intestinal Piglet news, she’s graduating from Daisy to Buttercup room at nursery. It means she’s leaving the weak of neck and leg behind, in favour of other loud walkers.

For us, we had the fun of filling out the Why is your daughter amazing?¹ paperwork and reflecting on who she is.

A few that didnt make the list,but that we’re proud of nevertheless:

  • Saying gentle” has come to mean pat carefully”. If she’s being too forward with someone’s face and we call out, they end up getting a nice cheek stroke.
  • We taught her to smell flowers. But she’s triggered by the word flower. So she’ll stop and smell Lego, books, and cauliflowers. Complete with satisfied ah noise when she’s done.
  • To encourage her drinking water, we taught her how to do Cheers”.

The clock change knocked our schedule and we’ve not responded well as a family. We went to see Grandma on Sunday for her birthday. Everyone was groggy. Grandma got nestled into with some Hey Duggee. Which might be the best present I’ve ever brought her.

Work wise, things have felt more in control of late. Nothing revolutionary, just a few sensible, boring changes. I haven’t gone full bullet journal, but I’m at least writing a daily to do list at the end of the day. And I’m doing 5 minute Sworkit sessions. Not enough to shift any fat, but enough to keep my mood up.

It’s still fragile and subject to setback—we’re still recovering from September—but it could be sustainable.

I’ve filled the working day with the music of Karine Polwart and even managed a film on one evening. Safe to say I’ll watch any and all films of Barry Jenkins when they’re released. He can capture all of life in an expression held in frame.

1: A real question from the form.

26 October 2020


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