Advent of Bloggers: Day 24

Advent of Bloggers started with weeknotes and had come, if not full circle, at least ¾ widdershins to finish with Blogging.

Screenshot of Russell Davies’ blog

Russell Davies’ blog kicks into hyperactivity when he has a project on and meanders along between them. In the ethos of Blogging, there’s not really a theme beyond being Russell. In a nod to web 0, he has a newsletter in which you’ll always get a fact about the number of subscribers. A constant source of delight.

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  • Giles Turnbull shows up in links semi-regularly here. To coin a phrase, you could describe him as some good webs”.
  • Winnie Lim describes blogging as a way to see the world through others eyes and I whole-heartedly agree with that sentiment.
  • John Naughton writes a daily diary, mixing observations, the personal and links to stuff he does for his day job.
24 December 2022

Advent of Blogging

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