Advent of Bloggers: Day 23

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about books and libraries in Advent of Bloggers.

Screenshot of Mandy Brown’s blog

Mandy Brown is keeping a working library that,“explore the intersections of reading, technology, and the nature of work.” On top of that she cofounded A Book Apart, so you can be sure she’s a good egg.

If you liked this, you’ll like this

  • Five Books updates once a week with, as you might guess, five books chosen to represent a particular topic or theme.
  • Cosma Shalizi is an ornery statistician who rounds up his monthly reads. He might get through as many in a month as I do in a year and the synopses he writes give a good idea if you’ll want to read one or not.
  • Henry Oliver cats a critical eye on how to read.
  • Robin Ince is beyond prolific in his projects, so how he reads so many books too ill never know.
  • Matt Gemmell shares a short story every Monday. He’s into the hundreds now and they’re a (sometimes) gentle entry to the week.
23 December 2022

Advent of Blogging

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