Advent of Bloggers: Day 11

For the second (chocolate makers) / third (Christians) Sunday of Advent of Bloggers a site I thought was definitely going to be new to most people before I clocked they’ve got thousands of Twitter followers.

Screenshot of Present & Correct’s blog

Present & Correct is a stationary shop in London. With a blog. And it’s great.

Try Jane Asher’s costume book and I’m almost certain you’ll immediately fall in love and add it to your RSS.

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  • Use this isn’t a shop. It’s a series of interviews with people about the stuff they use. So shopping adjacent?
  • Inside GOV.UK (the keen-eyed amongst you will have spotted) isn’t a shop either. But it is a blog that runs against expectations. Who knew I’d get design principles from the government?
  • Ugmonk very much is a shop. Once a month, it’s founder, Jeff Sheldon, shares 5 things he liked on the internet.
11 December 2022

Advent of Blogging

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