100 words 051

Having been woken up for the whateverth time at small number o’clock, I lowered the monitor volume to avoid waking The Chef. I dozed off watching Piglet rattling the bars and when I woke, she’d fallen asleep. I remember thinking, I hope she hasn’t hit her head and died,” before rolling over with the thought, If she has, nothing I can do about it now.”

Dad of the Year!

She served revenge at 5 am saying Dada!” and getting my hopes up that I might get first word. Then she turned, looked me dead in the eyes and said, bababababababa”

26 June 2020

100 Words

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100 words 050 Today’s update finds us in better spirits. But we’ve had wine, fish and chips, and two beach trips; how could it not? Me and The Chef had a few
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100 words 052 Clouds race by, there’s a rainbow growing out of the church and I’ve been sat thinking about my pre-100 words writing. In September 2017, I started