100 words 040

Corona madness is setting in for The Chef. After staying up too late with an unreliable sleeper in the house — after 11 pm on a school night! That was late even before Piglet — I dinged my bedside light off to go to sleep. The Chef’s light was still on. Rather than turn it off, she shouted, WHY IS IT STILL LIGHT?” before realising and embarrassedly dinging hers off too.

Around 30 minutes later Piglet reacted to our descent by starting another tooth. I’m considering becoming an polar explorer.

We really need to get out and interact with other humans soon.

9 June 2020

100 Words

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100 words 039 It’s been two days since my second jog and I’m not moving like a newborn foal. I’m tentatively going to say that I’ve improved from my first outing.
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100 words 041 I went to work for the first time in 12 weeks yesterday. The experience was familiar, yet different enough to be disquieting. Empty commute.