100 words 030

The second in the series, things that entertain Piglet:

  • Eating the foam floor tiles
  • Bouncing
  • Donald Duck voice
  • Wobbly faces and eyebrow waggles
  • Mary Antoinette the Marionette
  • Climbing. The. Stairs
  • Bellowing at dogs and passers by
  • Slippers
  • Apron tassles. Dressing gown tassles. Any tassles really
  • Banging on windows. Bonus points if naked
  • Refusing to perform on request
  • Clapping
  • That’s not my… books
  • Trying to catch and tame reflected light
  • Blowing on her face
  • The snot sucker
  • Sitting in the sink
  • Beards
  • Socks off if you love the Toon
  • Switches that look like they have a face
  • Our Welsh love spoon
30 May 2020

100 Words

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100 words 028 & 029 (Double update to catch up on missed days. 200 words if you will.) While the weather is gloriously Mediterranean, Treacle is living in the garden.
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100 words 031 We had a front garden grandparent visit yesterday morning. A picnic blanket each and a two metre patchy grass DMZ. Charity afternoon tea was later